Peer Groups

Best Practices Boards

Peer Advisory Groups for Successful Business Leaders

Key Components of the Best Practices Boards Program

The Best Practices Boards program is built around groups of business owners who meet one morning or afternoon each month (10 months a year). Each meeting includes:

•  A ‘Best Practices’ discussion on a pre-selected topic
•  In-depth ‘Board Reports’ from selected group members
•  Brief ‘State of the Business’ updates from each group member

The Best Practices Boards program also hosts meetings for all Best Practices members, featuring a noteworthy guest speaker on a relevant ‘Best Practices’ topic. These less structured meetings also provide for more informal interaction between group members, and allow them to expand their network beyond the membership of their individual peer group.

We also maintain the Peer-to-Peer Executive Network, an e-mal list server that allows all Best Practices program participants to interact virtually with one another. Peer-to-Peer allows for the real-time exchange of information on business best practices, and provides an interactive forum for the discussion of more complex issues.

The Benefits of Participation

Depth of Experience: Best Practices Boards are composed of other business owners just like you. In fact, a typical board can bring together between 100-200 years of actual business experience. That wealth of knowledge assures members that the ideas shared during board meetings are “battle-tested,” and that the advice offered comes from first-hand experience.

Best Practices: Often, your Best Practices Board will include business owners from industries that are totally unrelated to yours. Rather than being a disadvantage, that diversity exposes you to best practices from other industries, offering access to a greater pool of ideas.

Learn from Others: The most valuable insights that Best Practices members gain from their participation often come from the problems of other participants. Members working to solve another member’s issue will often see a similar problem that they are experiencing from a completely new perspective.

Accountability: While business owners can hold others in their company accountable for results, there’s usually no one to hold them accountable. Best Practices Board meetings can help you to focus and take action on difficult business issues.

An Environment of Trust:  The Best Pactices Boards program creates and promotes an envirnoment of respect and trust for all group members.  And shared experiences within a Best Practices Board often lead to mutually supportive and beneficial relationships outside of the group.

The Features that Make it Work

Confidentiality: In addition, confidentiality is critical in preserving for all participants the value of the Best Practices Board experience. All members must agree that any information disclosed within peer group meetings is confidential and must not be communicated to others outside of the group. Breach of this agreement is grounds for dismissal from the group.

Experienced Group Facilitation: An important ingredient for a successful Best Practices Board is skilled meeting management by an experienced group facilitator. Bill von Achen has facilitated CEO peer groups since 1995, and understands how to structure and orchestrate each meeting to ensure maximum value for each participant.

To Learn More…

The Best Practices Boards program for business leaders currently hosts 2 groups in the greater Boston area. We plan to launch new groups in the coming months, and will soon announce our schedule of complementary information meetings where you can learn more. In the meantime, if you would like to be invited to attend one of these complementary meetings, click here to send us an e-mail.  Or call us at 781-235-0995 for additional information.

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