Testimonials from current and past participants in one of our Best Practices peer groups say more about the value of the Best Practices Peer Group program for business leaders than anything we could write. Here are just a few examples:

For the Best Practices Boards Program…

“The Best Practices peer group program collectively provides an abundance of experience and resources and I always take something tangible away from each meeting. It also provides a network of individuals who understand and can relate to the challenges, stresses and victories of running a business.”
Tom O’Grady, Pro-Teck Services

“Our peer group has provided me with a forum in which to put forth ideas and issues with others who share many of the same problems. Bill does an excellent job of facilitating the exchange of ideas that allows all of us to get a different perspective on the issues we face.”
Brian Kickham, Northeast Security, Inc.

“I truly believe that what you are offering is the answer for CEOs looking to really improve their performance and learn the pitfalls from others’ real experience. Your role as a facilitator has kept me involved through times during which I thought my presence was not providing much benefit to others…It would be my pleasure to recommend the program to others.” 
Bill English, Sturtevant, Inc.

“The peer group program and the group of owners that you have assembled have been fantastic. But it is your personal attention to the details of my business that were most beneficial. Your regular calls checking up on me were a source of knowledge and inspiration.” 
Rob Berman, Berman Leather

“Thank you for inviting me to attend your peer group meeting last week. I enjoyed the meeting very much, and was impressed with the breadth of the discussions. Obviously, the groups participants have generated a great degree of trust and respect among each other.”  
Brian Gilmore, Associated Industries of Massachusetts.

For Executive Coaching…

“If there were an award for the greatest CEO coach in the world, Bill would win it! I am so thankful for his expertise, insight and guidance. Our meetings have helped me set the stage for real improvement in not only my own performance but others in our company as well. We have had better, smarter meetings and more executable action plans since I have begun my work with Bill.”
Lynn Saladini, Ath Power Consulting

“For more than five years, Bill brought objectivity, perspective and excellent ideas to my efforts to grow my legal practice.  During that time, I could always count on him to provide unbiased support in dealing with opportunities and challenges, large and small.  He has been a valuable and trusted advisor, and I can unequivocally recommend him to any business professional seeking to take his or her practice or business to the next level.”  
I. Stephen Samuels, Samuels & Hiebert LLC

“I am honored to recommend Bill von Achen as an executive coach to other business leaders.  Whether working one on one with Bill or during our CEO Peer Groups, he does a wonderful job of helping me to focus on the issues in my business and setting and keeping goals for the future of the business.”
Kristin Draper, The Draper Knitting Company

“Bill has been a valuable consultant for our company working closely with the owners and the management team. His guidance has been wonderful. Recently he helped facilitate our first employee opinion survey. From the planning and execution to the analysis of the data, Bill was great! In fact, we are planning on working with Bill again to implement a follow up survey in 2010 to analyze the results of our improvement plan. I highly recommend Bill, his expertise has been invaluable to us!”
Maureen Duffy, Marble & Granite, Inc.

“Bill has worked with me and the members of our agency’s senior management team for nearly 15 years, which stands as a testament to the value of his advice and counsel. Specifically, his efforts to facilitate constructive dialogue among our the members of our leadership team has increased our overall effectiveness, and has been an integral part of our continued success. And I’m most appreciative of his availability to help us, even on short-notice.”
Steven Aronson, Aronson Insurance

“Bill has served as a valuable counselor to me during the past three years, providing ongoing support and encouragement even in the most challenging of circumstances. He has proven especially helpful in his willingness to dig deeply into specific problems, to listen carefully, and to help me to uncover and deal with the underlying issues rather than just the symptoms. I have no hesitation in recommending him to other business owners.”
Peter Butler, Hayes Management Consulting

“I started working with Bill in 2005 through an industry association CEO discussion group that he facilitated. Since then I have considered him a trusted adviser and have him working with my senior staff on leadership training and coaching. His focus and insights on effective business goals has generated success for our business!”
Andrew Irwin, Irwin Engineers

For Leadership Development…

“In August of 2009 Firestone Financial Corp’s first Management Development Training Program began. We hired Bill to develop and present the Time Management and Dealing with Conflict modules. Bill’s sessions were well prepared and well executed. This is due to the vast storehouse of knowledge that he brings to the table, his professionalism, rich experience, finely honed skills, and thorough competence. I recommend Bill for training sessions that are informative, thought provoking, on point, and contribute to management skill building.”
Deborah Wishner, Firestone Financial Corporation