Testimonials from current and past clients say more about the value of our services than anything we could write ourselves. Here are just a few examples:

“Bill has served as a valuable counselor to me for over ten years, serving as a close confidant and business-savvy sounding board. Being the leader in one’s own business requires an external resource to brainstorm business challenges with and cut through the clutter of an issue to get to the heart of the matter. Bill has served as that resource to me in my business by listening carefully, exploring alternatives and developing go-forward strategies. I have no hesitation in recommending him to other business owners.”

 Peter Butler, Hayes Management Consulting

 “Bill and I have been working together for more than 20 years. Bill’s not afraid to ask the tough questions and dig into my answers so that I can make sound decisions based on a thorough evaluation. Bill has also worked with me and the members of our management team in the development of our company’s strategic plans, working to ensure that we have a workable plan with measurable results that are tested over time. And I really enjoy our monthly Executive Book Club breakfasts. Even with a mediocre book, Bill helps to facilitate a great discussion that always provides valuable insight and takeaways. Over time, I have worked with many advisors, but Bill has been steadily at my side.”

 Gian Luca Fiori, Marble & Granite

“I am pleased to recommend Bill von Achen as an executive coach to other business leaders. Bill is always the voice of reason, close enough to understand the complexities of my business but sufficiently removed to provide a different perspective and serve as an effective sounding board in a crisis.  And our Best Practices Peer Group gets me out of the office and allows me to participate in discussions that helps me focus on the issues in my business and in setting goals for the future.”

 Kristin Draper, Draper Knitting Company

“Bill has worked with me and the members of our agency’s senior management team for over 20 years, which stands as a testament to the value of his advice and counsel. Specifically, his efforts to facilitate constructive dialogue among our the members of our leadership team has increased our overall effectiveness, and has been an integral part of our continued success. And I’m most appreciative of his availability to help us, even on short-notice.  Several years ago he provided invaluable counsel with the sale of the firm to a private equity group. And, most recently, he has guided us through the succession planning process as we look toward the next 5 years.”

Steven J. Aronson, Aronson Insurance

“Bill has been an invaluable outside voice for me and for AMS as we have navigated a recent transition in leadership. Our consistent and regular meetings have ensured that I do not allow short-term, urgent issues to distract me from long-term issues of strategic importance for our firm. Bill’s long history with AMS has also be an asset; he understands our business and our history which makes his advice more relevant, appropriate and actionable.”

 John Mitchell, Applied Marketing Science

“Bill has worked with me and the members of my senior management team for almost 10 years. Whether participating in the Best Practices Peer Group program or  working with him one-on-one regarding issues within my organization, Bill’s strategies, insights and counseling have been invaluable to me and my organization.  He has helped me increase my company’s overall effectiveness, productivity and profitability, and has been an integral part of my company’s continued success.  It would be my pleasure to recommend Bill  to other business owners.”

David Lovins, The Warren Group

“Bill has been instrumental in guiding me in making critical business decisions.  The breadth and depth of his real-world experience is applied in a thoughtful manner. Bill asks the hard questions and offers implementable next steps.  The relationship has been very valuable both to my firm and to me personally.”

Steven Rodman, Rodman CPAs

“I have had the pleasure of working with Bill for five years, both on an individual basis, and as the facilitator our CEO peer group.  As a coach and mentor, Bill has displaced my rigid approach to handling business challenges by sharing his knowledge and experience in a refreshingly clear and focused way.  In our group, his ability to center the discussion and provide perspective on current and future business challenges has had a profound impact on my ability to work more positively with my customers, vendors and employees.  I can honestly say that I have grown both professionally and personally as a result of our working relationship.”

Johannes van der Wal, Van-Wal Machine

 “If there were an award for the greatest CEO coach in the world, Bill would win it!  Our meetings have helped me set the stage for real improvement in not only my own performance but others in our company as well.”

Lynn Saladini, Ath Power Consulting