Dear Business Leader:

Now more than ever, the world of business presents all of us with energizing opportunities, as well as many unforeseen challenges. This is especially true for owners and leaders of growing and successful companies, who are driven to succeed by a vision that few can understand or appreciate.

But the fact is that running a business can be a lonely pursuit. Because entrepreneurs most often follow “the road less traveled,” they more often than not find themselves traveling that road alone. And no matter how smart or insightful or visionary he or she may be, no single entrepreneur can know all of the answers when it comes to charting a path for business success.

Since 1995, we’ve led and facilitated peer groups for hundreds of business leaders, in which the participants discuss business ‘best practices,’ and share ideas and solutions. During that time, we’ve facilitated nearly 500 separate peer group meetings, in which literally thousands of ‘best practice’ ideas have been presented and discussed.

This web site and blog have been developed to serve as a repository for some of the ideas we’ve already discussed, and to provide a forum in which to document our continuing dialogue. While our goal in launching this web site is to share as much as possible with the general business community, access to certain sections of this web site are restricted to those current participants in our Best Practices Boards program.

If you would like to learn more about our program, or find out how you can participate, click on the “Participate” page.


Bill von Achen
Strategtic Management Resources
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